Dashboard UI Kit for
Modern Web Application

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Vue.js 2

Cover uses Vue.js to build javascript components, so developers can accelerate their development much faster


Cover stylesheets comes with SASS and Point css framework. You can customize Cover with your own colors and variables

Gulp 4 & Webpack 2

Cover uses Gulp as task runner and Webpack as module bundler. Watch files changes,Browser testing, Files bundler, Compile to product

Carefully Thought UI

Elegant, simple, minimal core with an incrementally scalability that can handle apps of any scale.

Every component was designed with carefully thought for common use cases, you can combine them just like Lego.

  • 3 pre-built layouts
  • 8 common pages
  • 200+ components
  • 35+ widgets
  • 7 app templates
  • starter-kits for developers
  • clean and modulr code
  • 68KB minified and gzipped
  • based on Flexbox
  • full responsive
  • ...and much more

Easy to Start

Only need to include four core files, then you can start project.

Many common features are built with vue.js like dropmenu, modal, date-picker, its easy to use with just one line code.

With well documented demos, you can easy import code from it.

All of these for the perfect price

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